Hurry On Home - Anne Lindsay

11 tracks featuring Anne’s virtuoso playing and heartfelt vocals with a who’s-who of the Canadian contemporary music scene performing Anne’s twisty fiddle tunes, some sultry jazz, soulful gypsy and a hip hop beat!
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"Hurry on Home is a sparkling set of varying styles, mostly self-penned, that constantly springs surprises as a piece goes off in an unexpected direction. Thoroughly entertaining and sometimes scarily beautiful." - R2  (formerly Rock 'n Reel)

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Winner of the 2011 OCFF "Songs From The Heart" Instrumental Songwriting Award for "May Our Minds Meet (Nameste)" - a co-write with her son, Tosh Weyman. You can listen to it at:

Nominated for the Canadian Folk Music Awards – Solo Instrumentalist of the Year 2011

News From Up The Street won two awards at the 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards: Best Instrumentalist Solo & Producer of the Year shared with Oliver Schroer

2007 National Jazz Awards
Violinist of the Year

OCFF "Songs From The Heart" Instrumental Songwriting Award for THROUGH THE HOURGLASS

"Anne continues to raise the bar every time she raises her bow"- Steve Lambert CHCH TV

“Whether she's laying down Celtic riffs, wailing on a Jim Cuddy set or tugging on a mama's Yiddish heartstrings, Anne's nuance and passionate style wins her fans wherever she plays.”
- Oliver Schroer

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